Welcome to Eloqua’s Mega-Marketing Series where some of the coolest, best revenue-generating ideas for your upcoming marketing campaigns will come from. These fresh and exciting sessions are designed to be quick 10-30 minute bites of info to get you thinking. Get ready to learn some new concepts and utilize cutting-edge technologies to drive revenue today. Imagine it.

First in the series: Connecting in the Cloud to Drive Revenue
Register today: Connecting in the Cloud to Drive Revenue

Webinar date: Thursday, April 14 10 PST/1 EST

“Connecting in the Cloud to Drive Revenue” is the first webinar in our Mega-Marketing Series. Hear from Eloqua's CTO, Steve Woods about the strategic advantage of connecting in the cloud for marketers and why you need to check it out.

  • How does everything change now that everything is connected in the Cloud?

  • Why is it valuable to you as a marketer?

  • How can you connect your webinars to lead scorning - in the Cloud?

  • Use social cues to guide lead nurturing - in the Cloud

  • How Eloqua empowers marketers to drive more revenue by connecting in the Cloud

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Connecting in the Cloud
to Drive Revenue

Thursday, April 14th at 10 PST/ 1 EST

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